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Sanitair - Utah's Best Air Duct Cleaning Company

Why Sanitair Air Duct Cleaning?

Sanitair is Utah's Air Duct Cleaning service provider.  

Our goal here at Sanitair is to help you breathe easier by providing unforgettable service at an affordable price. 

Efficiency: Another reason why you should have air duct cleaning done is that it improves the energy efficiency of those cooling or heating elements. When dirt and dust gather in the air ducts, the heating or cooling system needs to work harder and use up more energy to operate, especially if the Blower Motor and/or a coil is dirty. This can cause higher bills and other troubles down the road. By making sure that the ducts are clean, and any other components of your system it improves efficiency and overall lowers your heat and cooling bills.

Affordable: At Sanitair we strive to provide the lowest price possible. We don't give you surprise bills that break the bank. The technicians are knowledgable on how to provide a proper and correct estimate while in the home and you can rest easy knowing the technicians will not do any work that hasn't first been approved by you. 

Effective: There are two important components to HVAC cleaning: breaking contaminants loose, and the collection of contaminants. The way we do this is a 3 step process: We use a vacuum hose that's fed into the home from the outside where the vacuum is, (1) we send the vacuum hose down and remove all the loose debris, next (2) we use a cable brush with nylon strands attached to a spinning mechanism that we send down each and every air duct to brush the contamination loose from the ducting, then again (3) we send the hose all the way down and remove the rest of the loose contaminants.  


Knowledgable: Our technicians are trained to know the correct way your system should be and we care enough to take the time to explain those things that are out of order pertaining to your air duct system. In our many positive reviews, most of our customers mention the knowledge and honesty of our technicians and we strive to not only give the best possible service but to provide information and tips to maintain the system and keep it running the best it can