Furnace Blower Motor Cleaning 

Furnaces are like cars, they need tune-ups and maintenance, and though you can do the basics ,such as replace filters or  keeping your vents cleaned. A professional is recommended to get a thorough cleaning. Debris build-up in your furnace blower motor can cause your blower motor to run less efficient, which means higher energy, that can lead to costly repairs. 




A technician will go over the problems you have been experiencing, including the electrical and airflow. They will need to know what maintenance (if any) has been done in the past. Then they will do a visual inspection of your furnace and blower motor.



The technician will carefully remove the blower motor from the unit and begin the cleaning process.



To clean a blower motor the technician will use a high powered  vacuum and brush. Generally there is a thick layer of dust and debris on the fan wheel blades (known as air handler or "fins")  the technician will use a pressure washer too blast away the dirt, dust and grime.

Furnace Blower Motor Cleaning - Before Cleaning - Dirty Furnace Blower Motor
Furnace Blower Motor Cleaning Utah
Furnace Blower Motor Cleaning Utah
Furnace Blower Motor Cleaning Salt Lake City
Blower Motor Cleaning Picture
Furnace Blower Motor - Cleaned