Utah's Best Air Duct Cleaning

Our goal at Sanitair is to help you breathe easier. We understand that over the years the air ducts in homes collects dust, germs, pollutants, pet dander, fungus, bacteria and many more things we dare not mention. 

When the air is turned on whether it's the heat or air conditioning it begins to pass over all these pollutants in the air ducts and blows it straight into the home, when this happens it can cause all sorts of sickness's, headaches, allergies and other symptoms.

How we help is we come into the home and we go to each air vent and extract all this from your duct work, we serve residential as well as commercial customers. In our method of duct cleaning, we contain all the dirt, dust, debris, etc from the ducting and use contact cleaning methods to remove this debris from your air ducts straight into our vacuums (which are outside) and that means no dust left behind. We will keep your furnace clean like a well-oiled machine.


We provide many other services (some are listed here in service section) so feel free to chat with us or call us anytime!